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Play Therapy International (PTI) has removed the affiliation of Play Therapy Africa (PTA), whose operations are based in Ethiopia. PTA can no longer accredit any play therapy or filial play coaching courses, formerly delivered by APAC, nor make any awards in PTIís name . Monika Jephcott and Jeff Thomas have resigned as Directors of Play Therapy Africa and have no responsibility for the conduct of its affairs. Neither PTI, nor its Directors have been involved in any funding applications made by PTA since March 2009.

Any existing practitioner members of PTA, who have successfully completed the training delivered by APAC and funded by UNICEF, may transfer their membership to PTI, without charge. Please contact ptiorg@aol.com.

PTI is in the process of reorganising its professional infrastructure, accredited training programmes and consultancy services in Africa. Please contact the President of PTI, Monika Jephcott, at her personal email address: mokijep@aol.com for any further details of certification, training events, play therapy standards, consultancy etc.

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